The Words We Use Matter

Premise Paragraph
If I view my life as the perfect reflection of my behaviors and beliefs and actions then there is nothing broken, simply a perfect result. And if I do not like the result, then I am called to learn from it and change my thoughts and actions.

The Power of Words

We are all familiar with the phrase “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” And there is a degree of truth in that statement, as well as a lack of understanding of the full power of words.

Words are the building blocks of our lives. They comprise what we think, say, and believe, and are therefore powerful and loaded with implicit meanings and baggage. The words we use can change how we look at things and therefore, what tools we bring to the action.

For example, if I am working on “a problem” I approach it with a different modus operandi and a different set of tools than I would if I called the same situation “a project.” Think about it. Assigning a name or label to something redefines how we approach it and work with it. Let me digress a bit.

Centers for Spiritual Living adhere to the philosophy known as Science of Mind, described by our founder, Dr Ernest Holmes. We are always touted as a “healing teaching,” even though Dr Holmes clearly stated “There is nothing to heal, only Truth to reveal.”

For years, I relied on the statement that “something has come up to be healed” and it was a few years ago that I was traveling with two of my teachers when I used that phrase and almost simultaneously both of them said “What if you saw that as coming up to be learned from?” Words.

It was a profound thought and it has taken me about five years of working it through to realize the real Truth of their statement. To say something has “come up to be healed” in my life implies what… That something is broken or sick or at the very least needs to be fixed and “made right” again.

So the minute we seek healing we are claiming a “flaw” of some sort. We are not seeing it as a teaching tool. The lesson we are seeking to learn is right there. The condition I am experiencing is the perfect, natural outcome of the choices I have made and the actions I have taken (or not taken).

It is not wrong or broken but the outpicturing of my living and believing. So if I would prefer a different condition, I need to love myself enough to listen to what my conditions are telling me. They whisper. They tap. They yell out warnings. They bring out the 2 X 4 trying to get my attention. And I resist and push them away and call them “wrong.”

This does not mean the conditions are not painful and profound and very real. It also does not mean I am “to blame” for anything. It simply means I am free to learn or not learn from what is going on in my life. It also means I am not broken and don’t need to be fixed.

Each of us is a master co-creator with the Infinite, and we can learn from what is going on and love ourselves for our passion and courage and curiosity that drew us to our current condition. And we can create a new condition using what we have learned from our previous beliefs and choices.

There is a gentleness that comes over me as I realize this, when I shift from the word “healing” with all its implications, to the words “learn from.” The bad news is: I am responsible for the mess I am in. The good news is: I AM responsible for the mess I am in. If I made it, I have the power to change it!